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6300 Avenue du Parc
Montréal, QC, H2V 4S6


Depuis 2006, les Productions Buck Créatifs offre avec originalité et éloquence un service de production traditionnelle, d’animation 2D, de motion design, de trucages numériques et d’animation 3D. Notre clientèle éclectique formée d’agences de publicité et de compagnies d’envergure fait appel à notre expertise pour des films de commande, des vidéos corporatives, des habillages graphiques et des messages télévisuels.

Jorge Camarotti


His work has been published around the world, throughout the 15 years he evolved as a professional photographer. He published his own book in 2017, Les Chroniques du Mile End, a large-scale project - which took more than ten years - with hundreds of photos and texts gathered in a book of more than 200 pages.

This journey also brought him to closer to his first love, cinema. His scriptwriting studies at the Université de Montréalallowed him to further explore the language of images in motion. He wrote and produced his first short film in 2011, 165 Days, which was chosen from among more than 350 entries to the Toronto-based BravoFact contest. While preparing to film, he decided to further master the role of actor to reinforce his approach as a director. With this in mind, he enrolled in a drama school directed by Jacqueline McClintock (Neighborhood Playhouse, NYC). His passion for comedy grew over the next two years as he dabbled more in acting. 

It was at this moment that he created one of his most recent projects, Kinship, produced by François Delisle (Films 53/12), the film is currently touring festivals.


Demo director 2018