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6300 Avenue du Parc
Montréal, QC, H2V 4S6


Depuis 2006, les Productions Buck Créatifs offre avec originalité et éloquence un service de production traditionnelle, d’animation 2D, de motion design, de trucages numériques et d’animation 3D. Notre clientèle éclectique formée d’agences de publicité et de compagnies d’envergure fait appel à notre expertise pour des films de commande, des vidéos corporatives, des habillages graphiques et des messages télévisuels.

Geneviève Poulette


 A recent winner of two Prix Gémeaux awards, “Best director” and “Best Series: Docufiction” for the series Fugitifs III, Geneviève Poulette has directed more than fifty episodes of docufiction, including with Un tueur si proche,a series that sold in more than fifty countries. Several of her short films have won prestigious prizes or been nominated (Oscar nomination for Cafarnaümand Gold at WorldFest-Houston for, etc.).

Geneviève has also authored a short fiction series called Trajectoires, and works in both French and English, directing episodes of the Fatal Vowsseries, among others, which airs on the American Investigation Discovery channel. She has also authored the majority of the Homo sapiens—comédie préhistoriqueepisodes, a web series, which continues to accumulate awards and festivals selections and is a finalist in the linear production category - humor at the next NUMIX.